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iGods has been providing search marketing and enterprise SEO since 1997, in the early days of search. Combining our audit expertise and extensive computer experience, iGods established itself as a pioneer in the industry, having defined many SEO practices still widely used today.

Our blend of technical, creative, and client-facing skills enables us to comprehend your business needs, translate them into effective SEO strategies, and effectively communicate the results back to your executive management.

We have developed SEO technologies and methodologies in:

  • Web Analytics and Conversion Tracking: We developed a customized reporting and charting system to communicate campaign progress effectively between project teams.

  • SEO Architectural Analyses: We designed a methodology and reporting format to analyze websites and identify issues hindering search engine indexing and positioning, providing recommendations to alleviate these issues.

  • Keyphrase Research Technology: We pioneered technologies and methodologies for keyphrase research, considering relative keyphrase popularity, keyword thematics, and empirical website rankings.

  • Search Engine Position Reporting: We integrated position reporting with keyphrase popularity and SEO status reporting to allow for a dynamic examination of search engine position results.

SEO Process and Methodology

Technical SEO

  • site audits
  • analytics implementation
  • keyphrase research
  • meta tag development
  • site migration
  • site performance tuning
  • inbound link remediation
  • schema tagging
  • video SEO

SEO Reporting

  • multi-stage form conversions
  • product engagement
  • lead tracking
  • video response
  • user journeys
  • event annotations
  • blog engagement
  • mail campaign tracking
  • SEO rankings

Some past Industries we've worked in...


At iGods, we have successfully promoted client websites across various industries through our previous SEO engagements.

  • automotive
  • biotechnology
  • dentistry
  • education
  • entertainment
  • financial
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • movies
  • packaging
  • photography
  • real estate
  • retail
  • social action
  • technology
  • travel

Some past technical SEO projects we've worked on...

Web Development and SEO Tools

Our agency utilizes various 3rd-party web development and SEO tools to optimize our clients’ websites. The best in class tools below enhance functionality, improve search engine optimization, and give our clients a competitive edge.

SEO Tools

Website Intelligence

Keyphrase Research

Competitive Analysis

Link Remediation

Performance Tools

Image Compression

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