SEO Dashboards

Your website is unique, so your reporting must be as well. You need a custom built dashboard that measures your specific business goals.

Take charge of your Google Analytics 4 and explore your website’s intelligence:

  • report on your website’s custom events
  • integrate your data from multiple websites, or multiple sources
  • modify date ranges
  • drill down to specific dimensions
  • zoom in or roll up charts weekly or monthly

SEO Dashboards unlock the power of your website's data.

Coupled with Google Tag Manager (GTM), your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) does a great job at recording website data. However, since launching in 2020, GA4 is still abysmal at reporting.

That’s where Dashboards come in.

Our Google Looker Studio dashboards allow you to visualize and interact with your Google Analytics, Adwords, onsite lead tracking, and offsite data sources.


  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • ecommerce
  • paid advertising
  • video engagement
  • social marketing
  • email campaigns
  • job application tracking
  • lead generation funnels

Building SEO Dashboards Since 2002

We utilize our extensive analytics and programming skills to create dashboards that harness your Google Analytics 4 data.

We can even build custom APIs that access your back end BI data.

Some of our recent Dashboard charts...

We have developed SEO dashboards to achieve these key client needs:

  • cross site job application tracking
  • product engagement tracking
  • GA4 custom event tracking for ReactJS/AngularJS web apps
  • inbound campaign tracking from initial touchpoint to final application
  • user pathway analysis
  • cross device tracking
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To help you move forward with your custom dashboard development, we will work with your team using our standardized approach:

  • Step 1: evaluate your current GA4 implementation
  • Step 2: setup custom event tracking in GA4/GTM
  • Step 3: implement our base dashboard model
  • Step 4: integrate your external BI data
  • Step 5: develop custom reporting for your custom events and BI data

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